Hot Jamz of the Year: The Best Tracks of 2012

30. Solange: “Losing You” from True
The biggest pop star on the planet casts a hell of a long shadow (that, could be argued, is even starting to shade her husband), but consider this her kid sister’s giant leap into the sun.

29. Gang Colours: “Fancy Restaurant” from The Keychain Collection
My buddy Charlie almost got decapitated by my friend Jack’s mom for telling her that “simple speaks to everyone.” She took it as condescending, but it’s totally true. “I know you don’t care that much about money, but I’m gonna make some and take you out.” Doesn’t get any more simple and universal than that. Mmmmhmmm.

28. Trinidad James: “All Gold Everything” from Don’t Be S.A.F.E.
Mr. Pop the Molly I’m Sweatin’s signature jam may sound ign’ant as all fuck, but it’s a fascinating, unabashed glance into the conglomeration of culture that the internet creates. Plus, it’s just so catchy. It also wins for making pitbull puppies the new go-to accessory for rap videos.

27. Dean Blunt + Inga Copeland: “The Narcissist” from The Narcissist II
Hype Williams (the band, not the director) has always worked better in theory than practice, for me. I really appreciate their experimental spirit and am intrigued by their carefully crafted aesthetic, but they just kinda always went over my head. For that reason, it’s no surprise that their most streamlined song would grab me. I love it, even though it makes me feel like everyone who bought the Extreme album just for “More Than Words.”

26. Chad Valley: “Fall 4 U” (f/ Glasser) from Young Hunger
I’ve always had an affinity for cheesy, synth-driven ballads (blame “Careless Whisper”), and the Oxford-based vocalist’s collaboration with Glasser falls directly into that category. If anyone ever remakes The Breakfast Club, this HAS to be played at the end.

25. Jens Lekman: “The World Moves On” from I Know What Love Isn’t
This is the most recent example of the Swedish crooner’s incredibly vivid, unparalleled storytelling. His tale of falling in love during the Black Saturday Bushfires of Australia is affecting and enlightening and has an incredible amount of perspective. Simply put, it is the best song from the best album of 2012. File next to: “A Postcard to Nina,” “Your Arms Around Me,” “Waiting for Kirsten.”

24. Disclosure: “What’s In Your Head” from The Face
Without a doubt, the South London fraternal duo of Howard and Guy Lawrence made some of my favorite dance music of 2012. They have an uncanny ability to combine R&B vocal samples with heady synth-based soundscapes, resulting in a string of great tracks. I could have easily chosen “Latch” or “Boiling” in this track’s place, but the “big time sensuality” of “What’s in Your Head” is simply too strong to ignore.

23. Just Friends (Nico Jaar+Sasha Spielberg): “Avalanche” from Don’t Break My Love
Nicolas Jaar continues to be one of the most progressive voices in dance music, and his 2012 Prism-cum-LP, Don’t Break My Love, is chock full of nuance and virility. It peaks with this airy collaboration with Steven Spielberg’s daughter — a meandering, alluring piece of magic.

22. Jessie Ware: “Sweet Talk” from Devotion
I could have chosen seven or eight different songs from the South London singer’s debut, which was my 2nd favorite album of 2012. I chose this one because it touched me on such a personal level, as I recently allowed myself to be caught up in a situation just like this. A statement that is absolutely spot-on from an artist with a ginormous future. All hail, Jessie Ware.

21. Andy Stott: “Numb” from Luxury Problems
Andy Stott singles never do Andy Stott albums justice, but the leadoff track from his fanfuckingtastic Luxury Problems still scores highly. The Mancunian producer enlists the icy, lascivious vocals of his old piano teacher, Alison Skidmore, which create a human foil to his often mechanistic arraignments.

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