Taylor Swift, “The Archer”

Taylor Swift
“The Archer”
Lover (out 🤷🏽‍♀️on self-released)

The frustrating thing about Taylor Swift’s recent singles isn’t that they’re bad songs. There are plenty of other bad songs out there. The frustrating thing about Taylor Swift’s recent singles is that she’s barely even there.

This is a ‘capital G’ musical Genius who should be entering her peak years, and I can’t find her anywhere on those songs. All of the perspective, strength, vulnerability, and emotional resonance that made her a star has been replaced by a bland, faceless facsimile of what a bunch of suits in a boardroom think the kids want to hear…. Except, evidently, on this wonderful, restrained slow-burner. For three and a half spellbinding minutes, Taylor does that thing that only she can lifting the arrangement with power, poise, and purpose — reminding us that writing her off is a dangerous game. She obviously still has it; let’s just hope she chooses to access it.

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