Mitski, "Two Slow Dancers"

Mitski "Two Slow Dancers" Be The Cowboy (out 08.17 on Matador) Every slow dance with someone you care about feels like a moment suspended in time. I mean, that's the point, right? Your hands are tied, your bodies are connected, and even your gaze is limited. Mitski, the fantastic New York songwriter, Read more

Future, "Hate the Real Me"

Future "Hate the Real Me" Beastmode 2 (out now on Epic) The peak of a quietly excellent year, Future goes super deep on his worthy follow-up to 2015's legendary "Beast Mode" tape. Of all its stirring moments, nothing emotionally hits harder than its last track, as Future pours his heart out over Read more

The Round-Up: The Best Songs of 2018 (So Far...)

Somehow, some fucking way, 2018 is more than half over. And though it might feel like I always say this, I think this was the toughest list I've had to make yet. There's been an overwhelming number of exciting, vital new voices popping up and plenty of fantastic follow-ups Read more

Images & Words: The 1975, "Give Yourself A Try"

The 1975 "Give Yourself A Try" A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships (out in October on Dirty Hit) Though it's been out for about two weeks, I've listened to the Manchester quartet's new single roughly two million times. Compositionally, it's totally unremarkable. Built around a repetitive, simplistic guitar riff and three chords, Read more

Images & Words: The Rhythm Method, "Chin Up"

The Rhythm Method "Chin Up" Digital Single Every two years*, I get afflicted with the same illness. It usually starts up a few weeks before every major international football tournament and lasts until somewhere around the quarterfinals. Who knows how long my believesthatEnglandcanwinthewholething-itis will last for this year, but I'm hoping that Read more

Hot Jam of the Day: Dark0, “QARIN”

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Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 4.40.39 PMDark0
XENOTYPE (out 10.02 on Adult Swim)
The reliable Londoner is back with the first single off his forthcoming new EP for Adult Swim (which is evidently a full-blown record label now). “QARIN” is the kind of expansive grimewave that we’ve come to expect from him, and the results are as explosive as you’d expect. Maximalist, neon keyboards and propulsive sub-bass slowly build to form a massive crescendo that wouldn’t sound out of place soundtracking just about any futuristic, Hollywood blockbuster.

Images & Words: Phoebe Bridgers, “Funeral”

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Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 1.11.12 PMPhoebe Bridgers
Stranger in the Alps (09.22 on Dead Oceans)
Not sure a folk dirge about death is the best way to get into that #ThursdaySpirit, but Phoebe Bridgers’ crushing new single is beautiful enough for it not to matter. The 23 year-old is on the eve of dropping her long-awaited debut LP, and its third single is a beautiful representation of her emotional sledgehammer songwriting and haunting voice. I can’t wait to hear the rest of it tomorrow.

Hot Jam of the Day: Jay Boogie, “Malandrina” (Night Version)

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Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 3.38.53 PMJay Boogie
“Malandrina” (Night Version)
Digital Single
One of the standout’s from the East New York performer’s excellent recent mixtape, “Jesus Loves Me Too,” gets a delicious, club-focused remix from its original producer Orlando. The extra production bite fits beautifully with Jay Boogie’s fierce but playful original, and its grime influences fit seamlessly with his ravenous flow. This track mirrors the tape’s experimental spirit and genre-defying sound, which deserves much more press and praise than it has received so far.

Hot Jam of the Day: Now Now, “Yours”

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Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 12.33.19 PMNow, Now

Digital Single
Synth-pop is rarely known for its restraint, but the second single from the Minneapolis duo’s first album in 5+ years manages to shoot for the stars while keeping its feet firmly planted on the ground. A lot of that comes from vocalist KC Dalager, who isn’t really a CRJ-style belter. Rather, she prefers to move with an arrangement rather than bombastically wrestle it into submission. “Yours” is indicative of this approach. In most hands, this same track would have the BPM, vocals, and drums amped up, turning this into a hands-up, shout-along instead of the mid-tempo, swishy seducer that it became.

Hot Jam of the Day: Grizzle, “Sermon” (f/ ShaqyDread)

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Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 6.08.28 PMGrizzle
“Sermon” (f/ ShaqyDread)
Consort (out 10.20 on Liminal Sounds)
The shadowy architect of one of the best songs of last year drops the first taste of his solo debut EP. Like the spellbinding, “Entreaty,” “Sermon” is monstrous, unique slab of neo-grime that aims for the body and the heart. The London/Manchester producer gets an assist from rising Tottenham MC, ShaqyDread, who matches the beat’s intensity, ducking in and out of the neon synths and staccato percussion with ease.

Hot Jam of the Day: Jesse Kivel, “Endless”

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Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 5.26.14 PMJesse Kivel
Content (out 10.6 on New Feelings)
The former Kisses/Princeton frontman drops the second single from his debut solo EP. On “Endless,” the Santa Monica native amps up the adult contempo vibes, marrying lonely sax with twinkling piano. Don’t think of it as Yacht Rock; think of it as ‘Lost at Sea on a Pontoon’ Rock. Gorgeous.

Images & Words: Creek Boyz, “I’m The One”

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Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 2.47.40 PMCreek Boyz
“I’m the One”

Digital Single
It’s still very early in their career, but the soulful, melodic Baltimore County crew feel like one of the freshest new groups out. Following up their magnetic debut single, “With My Team,” “I’m the One” is a triumphant, buoyant anthem that showcases their versatile talents as singers, rappers, and songwriters. Though their sound is hard to put your finger on, their nearest sonic analogue is probably Philly’s PNB Rock, a man who hails from about two hours north on I-95. It’s an exciting early statement for the group and for an increasingly promising regional rap scene.

Images & Words: Káryyn, “Moving Masses”

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“Moving Masses”

Digital Single
One of the brightest and most vital new voices I’ve heard this year, the Syrian-American musician follows up her fabulous, two-part QUANTA series with an arresting vocal-led single. Somewhat reminiscent of Julianna Barwick’s timeless early work, “Moving Masses” is a dense mosaic of layered vocals that build to an overwhelming crescendo. The lyrics aren’t decipherable here, but her words still carry weight. And as the track unravels, it slowly beckons you further out to sea, untill there’s nothing you can do but let the waves overtake you.

Stream the beautiful QUANTA series at Spotify.

Hot Jam of the Day: Bruno Major, “Cold Blood”

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Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 11.55.47 AMBruno Major
“Cold Blood”

A Song for Every Moon (July Records)
Over the past year, the talented North Londoner dropped a new song every month, resulting in an engaging 12-song collection of jazz-influenced pop songs that recall talented (and alliterative) folks like Jamie Woon, Jamie Isaac, and James Blake. My favorite of the bunch came out in August. “Cold Blood” is a perfect example of Major’s subtle songwriting and powerful voice, as he glides over a spare arrangement that feels both classic and modern.

Images & Words: Samantha Urbani, “Hints & Implications”

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20160322-sxsw-samantha-urbani-23Samantha Urbani
“Hints & Implications”

Policies of Power EP (out now on Lucky Number)
Though the buzz has been pretty tepid, Samantha Urbani’s solo debut EP is a rock-solid collection of elastic, 80’s-inspired pop rock. The songwriting on the record is as sharp and effective as anything you’d find on Carly Rae’s last record, for example. And lead single, “Hints & Implications,” is indicative of that, pairing chunky barre chords with reverb-drenched electro drums and neon synths. It’s really an album that more people should be talking about.