Jai Paul, “Do You Love Her Now” / “He”

Jai Paul
“Do You Love Her Now” / “He”
Do You Love Her Now / Her (out now on XL)

Aside from the music, the best part about the ultra-illusive Londoner’s return this week is the collective reminder that he was just as far ahead of his time as he seemed back when he first surfaced in 2011. Neither of these songs are even really new — both are b-sides from the famously leaked debut that never came out — but they sound hyper-futuristic even seven years on from when they were originally conceived.

“Do You Love Her Now” is warm and luxurious with its velvety jazz chords and Paul’s sweet, swooning falsetto. “He,” on the other hand, is frigid — all sharp edges and clean lines — with rolling palm-muted guitars and a chunky industrial thump. That said, they’re connected by their auteur’s songwriting touch and his evocative voice. It’s hard not to feel that we’re listening to a genius at work. Hopefully, this isn’t all we get from him, but when the tunes are this good, I’ll take whatever I can get.

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