Images & Words: NoCap, “Ghetto Angels”

“Ghetto Angels”

Digital Single
As YNW Melly’s chilling, “Murder on My Mind,” finally finished its ascent to #1 last week, the rising Mobile, AL rapper quietly released a new song that deserves just as much attention. NoCap is yet another example of the rising tide of young, independent artists, whose sound has just as much in common with R&B and gospel as street rap. More than anything, “Ghetto Angels” — much like “Murder on My Mind” — feels like a modern blues record.

A heartbreaking look at a young life littered with violence, he recounts getting ready to pick up a friend to take him to visit another friend’s grave before getting a phone-call telling him that friend was also dead. Though pain is pouring out of every pore of this record, Cap finds strength in numbers, as his boys help him out on the last chorus, lifting his spirits and reminding him that he’s not alone.

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