Hot Jam of the Day: Tyler, The Creator, “Boredom”

tyler-the-creator-unreleased-track-00Tyler, The Creator
Scum Fuck Flower Boy (out 07.21 on Odd Future)
Though my understanding of psychology is limited, I do know that boredom and emptiness tend to go together. And while this subdued new single from Tyler is named after the former, it is actually rooted in the latter.

Much of the pre-release chatter around SFFB is centered around his sexuality, but I’ve been struck how much of it seems to be about emotional emptiness — the kind that might arise when you are surrounded by every material possession you could ever want without anyone to share it with. Obviously, that’s a highly simplified, psych 101 reading of this track, but that’s about the extent of my expertise on the subject. Hopefully “Boredom” is only the tip of the iceberg in an album that will explore the issue far more deeply.

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