Hot Jam of the Day: The War on Drugs, “Strangest Things”

64652a30-3267-4b9e-a2d0-d831f2a1a8b5The War on Drugs
“Strangest Things”
A Deeper Understanding (out 08.25 on Atlantic)
Welp, looks like the Philly sadsacks’ hugely anticipated fourth LP is officially 3 for 3. Just like “Thinking of a Place” and “Holding on,” “Strangest Things” is a gorgeous, windswept epic that highlights frontman Adam Granduciel’s rare ability to craft sky-scraping power ballads. Though he isn’t blessed with a classic, powerhouse voice, the 38 year-old makes up for it with lush guitar and synth arrangements and deft, delicious melodies. Many bet that 2014’s excellent “Lost in the Dream” would be the group’s artistic zenith, but the more we hear from this new one, the more unlikely that seems.

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