Hot Jam of the Day: LUH, “I&I”

Digital Single

Being a fan of ex-WU LYF frontman Ellery James Roberts is equal parts frustrating and exhilarating. His brooding, howling WU LYF burned out as quickly as they caught fire, leaving us with a pair of phenomenal singles and one unique, vital LP. Just as their buzz was reaching its apex in 2012, Roberts was out; “I’m Done,” he explained in a rambling post on YouTube. In the three years since, he’s released basically one song per year with precious little context or information about what he’s been up to.

But that’s just the frustrating part. The exhilarating part has been the sound coming of those sporadic singles. From 2013’s sky-scraping, “Kerou’s Lament” to last year’s surprisingly tender, “Unites,” Roberts has traded prolificacy for proficiency (a rarity these days), crafting the kind of expansive anthems that are made to blow out your speakers and tear out your vocal chords. Best of all, it looks we’re about to get a lot more from him in the form of his new project with Ebony Hoorn. “I&I” is the fourth track from the duo since October, and considering that they recently signed a deal with Mute, it feels like a full-length might be just around the corner. We may not have any details or have it any time soon, but if EJR’s career has been anything to go by so far, it’ll likely be worth the wait.

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