Hot Jam of the Day: Jaws of Love., “Lake Tahoe.”

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 3.03.11 PMJaws of Love.
“Lake Tahoe.”

Tasha Sits Close to the Piano (out now of K-Rizzla)
Last week, Local Natives vocalist Kelcey Ayer quietly released a subdued, piano-driven debut solo LP. Though the response has been tepid so far, it’s a gorgeous, grown-up collection of mid-3o’s love songs dedicated to the way that your loved ones can shepherd you through uncertain waters. Though it’s most potent when listened to as one cohesive collection, “Lake Tahoe” is a real standout, showcasing Ayer’s flexible tenor and affecting songwriting. It’s sweet, it’s cheesy, and it’s just the kind of ballad that could add a bit of levity to these desperately heavy times. Go listen to this record with someone you love.

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