Hot Jam of the Day (07.23.12): Goldroom, “Fifteen” (f/ Chela)

“Fifteen” (f/ Chela)
Single (Self-Released)

Earlier today, I trolled through my recent posts to see if I had written about this shimmering, dreamy single from LA-based producer Josh Legg. Incredibly, I hadn’t — even though it’s been one of the absolute standout songs of the summer so far. Featuring gorgeous, gauzy vocals from Australian singer Chela, “Fifteen” is easily Legg’s most impressive, melodically rich effort to date. Plenty of artists aim for that 80’s nostalgia, “Somebody’s Baby”-type vibe, but very few nail it as expertly as Legg does here. I have no clue what a “slipstream” is, but whenever I listen to this song, I am definitely float back through it. And it feels so fucking good.


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